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Casablanca, made famous by the romantic movie bearing its name, is Morocco's largest metropolis. Young and dynamic, the White City offers both residents and tourists a warm and captivating setting. Travel along the Corniche to see the seaside and its restaurants. Admire the beauty of the Marabout Sidi Abderrahman, a romantic village on a cliff with stunning views of Casablanca - the perfect place budding relationships and for lovers. May be immerse yourself in the urban atmosphere by crossing the Medina and the Habous Quarter, places full of life, ideal for meeting new people. If you want to meet like-minded Moroccan singles join ElitePartner.com Here!

 Casablanca, Morocco

Best Romantic Things to Do in Casablanca for Couples‎:

  • - Hassan II Mosque.
  • - Morocco Mall
  • - The Corniche.
  • - Ain Diab
  • - New Medina of Casablanca

Casablanca works so well because it's a story about moral ambiguity told in an effective way. It has a terrific cast and screenplay. Visual elements are used to involve the spectator in the story. It was the period of film noir, when shadows, fog, smoke and reflections were used to create a gloomy atmosphere.

Note: Casablanca is a port city and commercial hub in western Morocco, fronting the Atlantic Ocean. The city's French colonial legacy is seen in its downtown Mauresque architecture, a blend of Moorish style and European art deco. Standing partly over the water, the enormous Hassan II Mosque, completed in 1993, has a 210m minaret topped with lasers directed toward Mecca.

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Local dating Ideas & Tips:

Old Medina
Image credits: Pinterest
King's Palace
Image credits: Kings Palace
Riad 21
Image credits: Riad 21

Old Medina

Perched behind the old city walls of Casablanca is the Old Medina, with its labyrinth of narrows streets and walkways leaving many tourists spell-bound - in a good way! The pace here is relentless, with children running riot and stallholders bartering at breakneck speed to try and get the best price for their traditional treasures. In fact the only sense of calm is provided by the men gently puffing on cigars in cafes and doorways. It’s a truly unique experience and one not to be missed by anyone visiting this captivating city.

King's Palace

With a palace in almost every city across the country, the King of Morocco could sleep in a different bed every night if he wanted - and who knows, perhaps he does. For visitors, one of the most eye-catching royal abodes can be found here in Casablanca, nestled close to the city’s new medina. With the interior pretty much sealed off from public access, most visitors come to admire the palace from a large open square at the front. Be sure to bring a camera.

Riad 21

If you’re seeking a lavish meal in opulent surroundings, you won’t find anywhere better than Riad 21, one of Casablanca’s premier dining destinations. The gilded dining room is a sight to behold and the traditional Moroccan style food is equally impressive. For a more casual visit, the restaurant is also open for early morning coffees and breakfast.

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You may also be interested in:

  • La Sqala Café Maure: Housed in an 18th century building, this traditional Moroccan restaurant nestled in the ramparts of Casablanca’s famous medina has a superb reputation and attracts large numbers of locals and tourists alike. Most visitors gravitate to the restaurant’s beautiful Andalusian garden which is dotted with pretty fountains and outdoor tables and umbrellas. As for the food, the varied menu offers classic Middle Eastern fare with an inventive flourish.
  • Parc de la Ligue Arabe: The city’s largest open green space, this is where locals come to relax and enjoy the great outdoors of a weekend. There’s walking trails that allow you to admire the distinctive flora, and you’ll always find some ball games that your kids can join in with. For refreshments, several small cafés offer tasty snacks and drinks. If you have time, be sure to check out the Cathédrale de Sacré, an Art Deco cathedral that has long since fallen into disrepair, situated on the edge of the park.
  • Venezia Ice: It can get seriously hot in Casablanca, and there’s few better ways to cool down than with a refreshing ice cream. For the best in town, head to the seafront where Ice Venezia serves up a mouth-watering choice of rich and tangy ice cream and sorbet flavors scooped to order, as well as smoothies and pastries. It’s a great spot for ocean views and people watching, too.

Random City Facts:

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